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IMAG0833Plan B came about as a team due to the necessity of leadership in large scenario games. In order to be successful and complete missions, there has to be a vocal leader in charge of the troops, and a group willing to do as commanded without question. In order to capture objectives efficiently with minimal losses, there has to be a coordinated effort and little time spent trying to figure out what to do. You don’t help anyone by standing around talking about what would be cool to do. What would be really cool is actually doing it! Paintball is an extreme action sport, and you achieve nothing through inaction. Plan B is the team that assaults bases relentlessly until the objective is ours. If you need a group of guys to get things started, we are your men. Whether it is flanking the enemy, capturing a base, or defending a re-insertion, Plan B charges in head on and is a force to be reckoned with. We don’t back down to any challenge, and we have no problem rallying others to our cause.

Hell survivors kids camp_14Plan B stands for sportsmanship above all else. We won’t be the group trash talking the new players, wiping hits in the field, or over shooting when bunkering a defenseless opponent.  We want nothing more than to promote the game to new players and have the game continue to grow.  We are there to help teach players about good tactics and strategy.  Ask us questions, we are glad to let you know anything that can help.  The more knowledgeable players on our team or on the field, the better chance for success and the more challenges we will have to face in the future.

     As a team we focus on playing woodsball, as we favor large scale scenario games.  Tactics, real strategy and scenarios are where we excel.  We are often on the field wit smoke grenades, pistols, grenade launchers, or radios.  But equipment isn’t everything, without support, even the best equipment is wasted easily.

Teamwork is the biggest part of our group, as we will never leave a man behind, and will do everything in our power to help the team above all else.  It isn’t out of the question for us to have a man who is out of paint and air to sacrifice himself by drawing the enemy out so the others can take them out in return.  After all, if you’re on the field, and you have to go out anyways, why not help the team by allowing your teammates to take a few enemies out with your sacrifice.  Calling yourself out gives the enemies a “free kill” and lets them see your position. While on the field, you are an asset as you are a set of eyes for all players around you to utilize.
Some of the tactics we use to traverse the field quickly, achieve our goals and capture objectives are tree-walking, bunny hopping or frog leaping, flanking, and suppressive fire. Combine these tactics, and you can get almost anywhere on the field successfully. Tree walking is moving on the field from bunker to bunker, while maintaining visual contact of your target, and keeping obstacles between you and them. The goal is that you can move without being seen, and get in close for the shot without giving away your position. Bunny hopping or frog leaping, is when you move half your men up to a bunker while the other half gives cover fire. Then the guys in the back advance to a further bunker while the men in front give cover fire. Then, just rinse and repeat, and you will get where you need to fast. This way everyone moves forward, has time to reload, and not everyone is caught in the same bunker. Flanking is when the team uses the boundaries of the field to move ahead and end up on the side or behind your enemy. This is much easier than walking in a single file line right to the enemy’s position. And suppressive fire is when you have multiple people fire on a position where the enemies are in order to keep them from firing back. They won’t just stand up and shoot with a hailstorm of paint coming in over their heads.
Our home field is Hell Survivors Paintball Playfield
619 Pearl Street (D19)
Pinckney, MI 48169
This field has a little bit of everything. There are multiple field styles and sizes. These range from an entire city of buildings, to castles (note the plural part), to the “everglades” – a field with a lake in the middle of it, to your standard speedball fields. The field has tons of unique elements like tanks, jeeps, and airplanes to hide in, and some of the best bunkers around. But, one of the best parts of the field is the staff. The refs, salespeople, owners, and security all treat you with respect and do their jobs at the highest level. They offer some of the best events, merchandise, and game formats available. We recommend this field above all others in the area.
The players on our team range in experience levels from having started playing when the game started in the 80’s to those who picked up the game as little as 5 years ago. From casual games with the guys, to professional speedball tournaments, military training exercises, and reenactments of the battle of Normandy, our teams experience is about as diverse as imaginable. Each member brings a unique style of play, perspective, skill set, and knowledge to the team. And with a diverse group comes an extreme range of equipment and knowhow. We have guys on our team that can build just about anything you need for paintball. Whether that means building a tank, RPG, suppressor, or even an entire gun, we can get the job done.

Our team will be represented at all major events at Hell Survivors Paintball Playfield each summer. This includes Day of the Rangers, Global Conquest, Monster Game, and Tippmann World Challenge. Now with the addition of the 300 game in place of the player appreciation special, there is yet another great event to partake in. Not to mention all the smaller specials like the Opening Day, Easter Bunny Hunt, Memorial Day, Fathers Day, Great Pumpkin Hunt, the Big Buck Shoot and many more. Recently we have decided to participate in the monthly Pump & Pistol games, and Shake & Bake games.

As a team, we have played the major games together since 2009. For Global conquest we have represented the following teams; USA-2009, England-2010, Russia-2011, Mexico-2012, Germany-2013. For Day of the Rangers we play on the Somali side. For Tippmann World Challenge our team represents World players. For the 300-game/shields we are on the Persian forces. At Monster Game we play on whichever team is in need of players. In recent years, big games have been plagued by uneven teams, and we have been asked on occasion to switch sides to turn the tides of battle. No matter the odds, we will be on the front lines. In 2009 we had a member of our team secure an MVP award on the US team at Global Conquest for capturing various bases and tactical points. But we are best known for taking out choppers and airplanes. We fear nothing!

To expand our paintball resume we like to make as many trips as possible for our team each year. Within a reasonable radius there are many exciting events to play at some other amazing fields throughout the Midwest. Some events we have attended are; Clowns vs. Zombies at Paintball Explosion in East Dundee Illinois, Star Wars Battle of Hoth at Blast Camp in Hobart Indiana. Games we plan on attending in the near future are Living Legends at CPX in Elwood Illinois, a big game at Excalibur in Battle Creek, and Classic “Z” at Sherwood Forest in La Porte Indiana. Multiple members of our team have participated in Oklahoma D-Day in Wyandotte Oklahoma and we hope to get the whole group out in the next few years.

We are always interested in helping to advance interest in the sport. Regularly we bring newcomers to the sport along with us to play. We will lend a hand to those in need, provide advice and strategy, or tell you about strategic areas on the field. One of our favorite things to do is pair up with a first-time player and tell them to lead us around. We do what they say to do, move where they wants us, and shoot at anybody that gets in their way. The more interest you can get for the sport the higher the likelihood that the sport will continue to grow, big games will be packed, and fields will stay open.

Overall, we are a bunch of fun loving guys who want to be on the front lines at all times. We are always seeking like minded players to run with us. Contact us via this website or the forums on hellsurvivors.com. Don’t forget to check out our video on YouTube filmed with our GoPro.

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